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National Bank

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SUMO has earned a new retail banking client which provides private banking, lending programs, and other financial services to their clients from retirement planning to long-term care planning. Client requests and inquiries were managed by phone and email. These methods of communication created a constant phone and email tag loop that could extend the time it took for advisors to meet with and service customers. The bank considered other scheduling tools, but having a Salesforce®-native application was a critical factor. Customer security and banking compliance were top concerns.


The client decided to reach out to SUMO Scheduler. SUMO delivered on both features required and wishlist items without any additional customization required.  SUMO gave the clients customers the ability to self-schedule service appointments. Through white-labeled self-scheduling buttons embedded on the bank’s website, customers can now book an appointment with an advisor based on location without excessive call times. Scheduled appointments also show across a number of platforms including mobile, Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange. SUMO’s three-way notification engine was the answer to one of client’s wish list items. By allowing the bank to send text, phone or email reminders automatically, admin staff and advisors spent less time managing appointments.


Appointment scheduling efficiency across the entire network of branches was experienced once SUMO was fully implemented. Customers were now able to schedule appointments with advisors at their convenience. Advisors were now able to focus on servicing their customers. With SUMO’s self-scheduling feature, the client also experienced an increase in customers maintaining their appointments along with higher rates of customer satisfaction.

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Financial Services

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1000+ employees


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