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Put your sales team in the driver's seat! SUMO Scheduler streamlines product demos, joint calls, and round-robin lead distribution, boosting engagement and accelerating the sales cycle.

Enhancing B2B Product Sales with SUMO Scheduler

SUMO Scheduler's appointment and event scheduling applications empower B2B product sales teams to efficiently manage customer schedules, ensuring seamless coordination and enhancing client service.

  • Simplify the process of coordinating appointments and events, fostering seamless interaction between B2B product sales teams and their clients.
  • Reduce administrative expenses associated with manual scheduling and management, enabling firms to allocate resources more effectively and maximize profitability.
  • By optimizing employee scheduling, B2B product sales teams can provide superior client service, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

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Typical B2B Product Sales Use Cases

Streamline customer meetings

Product demos: Allow potential customers to easily schedule product demos at their convenience, increasing the likelihood of successful outreach.

Joint calls: Schedule calls with multiple team members (e.g., salesperson and technical expert) to address customer needs comprehensively.

Round-robin lead distribution: Automate the assignment of leads to sales reps based on availability and expertise, ensuring efficient lead nurturing.

Follow-up calls: Set automated reminders for follow-up calls with potential customers, keeping leads warm and engaged in the sales cycle.

Field meeting scheduling: Offer your real-time availability to clients while also accounting for travel between appointments. Fill holes in your territory with instant appointment booking and arrive on time every time!

Optimizing the sales process

Reduced scheduling friction: Eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth appointment coordination emails with clients, allowing reps to focus on selling.

Increased appointment conversion: Remove scheduling barriers by offering 24/7 online booking - Encourage customers and prospects to book meetings on their terms.

Data-driven insights: Track appointment scheduling trends and make data-driven decisions to drive your sales strategy.

Improved sales pipeline management: Automated scheduling keeps the sales pipeline moving smoothly and ensures timely follow-up.

Powerful Scheduling Capabilities for Product Sales

SUMO Scheduler offers user-friendly client scheduling software tailored to the unique needs of B2B product sales teams. Enhance operational efficiency and boost productivity with SUMO, allowing your team to streamline scheduling processes and focus on serving clients and driving business growth.

Community engagement

Schedule appointments seamlessly across all channels – website, email, text, social media, and Salesforce Communities.

Seamless sales meetings, anywhere… anytime

SUMO empowers inside & outside sales teams with flexible scheduling for virtual or in-person meetings. Reduce scheduling friction and maximize productivity – your team's availability is at your fingertips.

Turbocharge your sales process

Provide your sales team with the right tools to get the meeting booked. Schedule appointments in real time, send custom meeting invitations, drop a link in a text, or direct clients to an online scheduling portal.

Tailored scheduling experience

Empower clients and the sales team to choose how they meet (virtual, in-person, phone) and leverage AI-powered appointment assignment rules to optimize team efficiency.

Automated data capture

Reduce admin burdens by capturing essential client information directly within the SUMO platform, streamlining data management without the need for additional connectors or integrations.

Complete engagement platform

Go beyond basic interactions. Offer personalized appointments, host dynamic events, and deliver informative courses – all within one platform.

Easy to manage

Manage unlimited staff & availability across multiple locations. Set scheduling rules and processes or give your team the freedom to dictate their own.

Right-sized your solutions

SUMO’s flexible product packages & pricing are right-sized for your business's needs.

Easy to implement

Get up & running fast with help from SUMO’s in house implementation & support team!

Happy Clients

See what our customers and fans around the world are saying about us.

The implementation process was seamless as their team was always available and very easy to work with. We're now able to more easily set up and manage user schedules.

Ashley Jones, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Ashley Jones Associate Director - Salesforce Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

SUMO's appointment scheduler is robust and technically scalable, and the have strong online support. Happy to report positive experiences with them.

Jim Gilbert, Huron Consulting

Jim Gilbert Salesforce Consulting Director Huron Consulting

This tool has helped our students schedule appointments with our reps at a time that is convenient for them. It has really helped us spend our time on the right students.

Taylor Neece, California Baptist University

Taylor Neece Dean of Admissions California Baptist University

The seamless interaction between SUMO and Salesforce enables us to quickly send appointment invites, and easily know when a student has scheduled an appointment.

Rebeca Lamadrid, The Washington Center

Rebeca Lamadrid VP, Operational Effectiveness The Washington Center

We highly recommend SUMO due to the superior customer service and support! The level of support we receive goes above and beyond. Thank you SUMO for your support!

Greg Thatcher, Five Star Professional

Greg Thatcher IT Manager Five Star Professional

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