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Immigration Law Firm

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Our client is a high volume Immigration Law Firm handling over 7,500 cases per year. Unlike other practices, they specifically focus on working with individuals and families who are attempting to emigrate into the United States. As a practice with more than eight attorneys, dozens of clerks, and multiple assistants, the logistical challenge of balancing calendars for all involved as well as coordinating with client schedules manually, caused human errors including double scheduling, missed deadlines, and appointments that fell through the cracks. They were searching for a solution that would enable them to efficiently and reliably balance their staff calendars while preventing these errors. Important as well was the client and information privacy necessary in their vertical.


SUMO Scheduler’s out-of-the-box solutions were put in place such as the: Multi-Calendar, Assignment Engine, Online Appointment Scheduler, and Reminder Engine.

The Multi-Calendar’s ability to organize their entire team’s calendars in one view while also integrating client information into their Salesforce CRM provided a unified scheduling view as well as crucial information security and privacy.

The Assignment Engine’s ability to balance scheduling between all parties involved and provide real-time availability updates prevented their previous issue of double and triple booking appointment slots from continuing to be a hindrance to business. Additionally, this solution was able to balance case load between the firm’s attorney’s thereby ensuring each client received the service of an attorney who’s time could be efficiently dedicated to their case.

The Online Appointment Scheduler allowed clients to book appointments at their leisure while guaranteeing that their meeting would take place at the correct time with the perfect attorney to meet the specific needs of their individual case.

Finally, the Reminder Engine provided meeting reminders for all attendees preventing both attorneys and clients from missing meetings. This allowed each case to be handled with the care it deserved while preventing any client’s immigration situation from falling through the cracks.


“We never have a booked appointment not land on all necessary calendars. We never have had an issue of the sumo system going down in the past two years that would not allow us to book appointments on Sumo. The sumo software has been consistent and reliable.”

Reliability and consistency has been the hallmark of the service our client has enjoyed. The results speak for themselves. They have been able to keep over 1,700 families together, over 450 deportations be halted, and over 1,250 greencards be issued due to their ability to streamline their scheduling processes with SUMO.

We asked our client what they would say to anyone who was on the fence about working with SUMO:

“The level of customer tech support that SUMO provides is far and away the best I’ve seen from any tech app. I can contact and get a response and resolution for most of my issues on the same day.”

With results and feedback like the above, our client has truly found a game-changing solution for their practice with SUMO Scheduler.

Use case:

Immigration Law Firm


Professional Services

Team Size:

15+ employees


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