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Set your university, school or education business apart from your competition. Streamline scheduling for everything from admission interviews to office hours and advising. Make it easier for students to connect with the resources they need, fostering better engagement and a more fulfilling student experience.

Boost student engagement with effortless scheduling

SUMO's Appointments, Events & Classes scheduling software empowers top universities, colleges, and schools to automate student engagement, boost student enrollment, and enhance overall satisfaction.

  • Simplify the process of scheduling appointments, events, and classes, ensuring seamless interaction between students and educational institutions.
  • Provide students with convenient scheduling options that encourage them to enroll in courses and participate in campus events, ultimately boosting enrollment numbers.
  • Improve the overall student experience by offering efficient scheduling solutions that cater to their needs and preferences, leading to greater satisfaction and retention.

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Typical Education Use Cases

Improves staff and student satisfaction by empowering them to schedule appointments quickly and easily

Student Support Services

Recruiting: Promote your brand and empower prospective students to engage with recruiters and advising staff whenever they live online; websites, social media pages, text messages and more.

Academic advising appointments: Allow students to easily schedule appointments with academic advisors online, 24/7, to discuss course selection, career paths, and academic goals.

Tutoring sessions: Streamline the process for students to book appointments with tutors for specific subjects or areas where they need extra help.

Office hours: Schedule office hours for professors, instructors, and teaching assistants for students to drop in and ask questions.

Faculty & Staff Support

Committee meetings: Coordinate scheduling for faculty and staff committees to discuss curriculum, student affairs, or department-specific initiatives.

Guest speaker events: Streamline scheduling and registration processes for guest speaker events or visiting professors' lectures.

Department meetings: Facilitate department meetings for faculty and staff to collaborate and share insights.

Added Benefits

Improved student experience: Offer students a convenient and user-friendly way to schedule appointments and register for events, boosting engagement.

Increased student success: Impact student success by making it easy for them to access support services, advising, and tutoring.

Reduced staff burden: Automate scheduling tasks, freeing up staff time for more direct student interaction and support.

Data & insights: Track scheduling data to identify trends in student needs and optimize resource allocation and outreach strategies.

Campus tours: Offer prospective students the option to attend a one-on-one or group tour.

Student Life

Orientation sessions: Offer online registration for orientation sessions for new students and their families.

Club meetings & events: Allow student clubs and organizations to schedule their meetings, workshops, and social events online.

Registering for events: Streamline registration for campus events such as guest lectures, career fairs, or cultural festivals.

Parent-teacher conferences: Schedule parent-teacher conferences online for a convenient and efficient communication channel between teachers and parents.

Committee meetings: Schedule committee meetings for student government, academic committees, or other campus organizations.

Campus Health

Campus health: Offer students an easy, secure & HIPAA compliant method for scheduling therapy or medical appointments that integrate with your CRM.

Mental health & wellness appointments: Offer convenient scheduling for students to meet with counselors or mental health professionals for individual or group sessions.

Disability services meetings: Facilitate scheduling for students with disabilities to meet with disability services coordinators to discuss accommodations and support needs.

Powerful Scheduling Capabilities for Education

SUMO Scheduler empowers education institutions with simple, intuitive employee & customer scheduling software. With SUMO, your team can spend less time coordinating appointments & more time meeting clients they serve.

Personalized Student Experience

Easy online scheduling for recruitment, admissions, student life & more. Book from a website, Salesforce Community, chat, or social media sites.

Tailored Scheduling Experience

Engage students at their key point of interest via custom scheduling flows − Powerful resource pool technology ensures that they connect with the right university resource & right person, at the right time & place.

Automated Data Capture

Reduce administrative workload for counselors & staff so that they spend more time connecting with students - Automatically create leads & contacts directly in your CRM.

Student Engagement Platform

Expand student outreach by offering one on one or in-group meetings, events & course scheduling.

Student Privacy & Security

Ensure student privacy & data security via military-grade security architecture. Student information & data stay safe in your CRM.

Right Sized Your Solutions

SUMO’s flexible product packages & pricing are right-sized for your businesses' needs.

Powerful Scheduling Capabilities for Education

Easy to implement

Get up & running fast with help from SUMO’s in house implementation & support team!

Happy Clients

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The implementation process was seamless as their team was always available and very easy to work with. We're now able to more easily set up and manage user schedules.

Ashley Jones, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Ashley Jones Associate Director - Salesforce Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

SUMO's appointment scheduler is robust and technically scalable, and the have strong online support. Happy to report positive experiences with them.

Jim Gilbert, Huron Consulting

Jim Gilbert Salesforce Consulting Director Huron Consulting

This tool has helped our students schedule appointments with our reps at a time that is convenient for them. It has really helped us spend our time on the right students.

Taylor Neece, California Baptist University

Taylor Neece Dean of Admissions California Baptist University

The seamless interaction between SUMO and Salesforce enables us to quickly send appointment invites, and easily know when a student has scheduled an appointment.

Rebeca Lamadrid, The Washington Center

Rebeca Lamadrid VP, Operational Effectiveness The Washington Center

We highly recommend SUMO due to the superior customer service and support! The level of support we receive goes above and beyond. Thank you SUMO for your support!

Greg Thatcher, Five Star Professional

Greg Thatcher IT Manager Five Star Professional

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