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Google Chart Google Chart

Transforms scheduling data into dynamic, customizable visualizations, ensuring real-time updates and seamless accessibility across devices.

Google Calendar Google Calendar

Streamlines integration, synchronizing appointments, managing availability, and enhancing data security for an efficient scheduling experience.

Outlook Outlook

Enables seamless two-way appointment synchronization, enhancing scheduling and availability management across devices while prioritizing data security.

Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange

Seamlessly synchronizes appointments with Exchange calendars, optimizing resource management, enhancing scheduling with event consideration, and prioritizing data security for efficient coordination.

Zoom Zoom

Allows users to authorize Zoom to create Dynamic Meeting links on their behalf when creating an Appointment or Event from inside of SUMO Scheduler.

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams

Allows users to authorize Microsoft Teams to create Dynamic Meeting links on their behalf when creating an Appointment or Event & Course with SUMO Scheduler.

Crisp Chat Crisp Chat

Seamlessly integrates real-time chat, chatbots, and multi-channel messaging to enhance communication and support for appointment inquiries while streamlining scheduling.

Twilio Twilio

Enables advanced communication through automated SMS notifications for reminders and inquiries, supporting multi-channel integration, enhancing user engagement, and streamlining scheduling.

Stripe Stripe

This connector allows users to set up payments for Events and Participants to pay directly from the Online Registration.

Geoapify Geoapify

Enhances scheduling precision with geolocation, optimizing appointments based on proximity and planning efficient routes for field services.

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