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Empower your customers to self-schedule with your team 24/7 from any device.

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SUMO Scheduler - Unleash the power of Salesforce native scheduling

Schedule anywhere, anytime!

SUMO is your complete customer engagement platform. Offer meeting, event and field sales scheduling across all your online channels: websites, social media, email, text, Salesforce Communities, and more!

Built native to Salesforce

Capture critical appointment information and optimize scheduling workflows all while keeping your data safe in Salesforce - No connectors!

Easy to set up, configure & use

SUMO's easy-to-use cloud-based platform gets you up and running quickly. Admins can customize settings for your business needs, while users enjoy a seamless scheduling experience.

Connect people across the world

No matter where your employees are, and what device they are using, SUMO Scheduler lets them manage the same accounts and channels with all of the Salesforce features you know and love. Reduce admin costs and empower your team with relationship-building tools that boost revenue and lifetime value.

Intelligent customer engagement for great teams

See why top revenue companies use SUMO Scheduler to accelerate pipeline velocity.

Cornell University
Center for Brain Health
Astra Zeneca

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See how SUMO's Salesforce native customer engagement platform makes appointment & event scheduling a snap.

Salesforce native scheduling app - SUMO Scheduler

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Unlock effortless Salesforce native scheduling & boost customer engagement

Schedule anywhere, anytime!

Salesforce native

Easy to set up, configure & use

Upgrade your customer engagement

Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and maximize efficiency

SUMO lets you schedule appointments and send invitations natively from your CRM

Effortless Salesforce native scheduling, powerful results

Offer scheduling anywhere you have an online presence. With just a few clicks, clients and prospects can book meetings via email, text, or directly from your website, Community, or social media.
SUMO lets you schedule appointments and send invitations natively from your CRM - automatically creating leads and contacts and safely capturing critical appointment data.

Boost team collaboration

Work together, schedule together! Create custom booking links for different meeting types - 15-minute Zooms or 30-minute in-person sessions. Promote collaboration by simply adding a team member to a meeting invite or use a resource pool to route meetings to the most suitable person.

Work together, schedule together! Create custom booking links for different meeting types
SUMO seamlessly integrates with your company’s calendaring and web conferencing tools

Streamlined workflows & integrations

SUMO seamlessly integrates with your company’s calendaring and web conferencing tools, making it easy to stay on top of your schedule and connect with customers.
Salesforce admins love leveraging SUMO to supercharge their existing automations and streamline business processes.

Enterprise solution

SUMO offers everything your business needs: extensive meeting analytics, robust security, IT-friendly features, and enterprise-grade admin tools. Ensure continuity and optimize scheduling operations across your company.

Ensure continuity and optimize scheduling operations across your company.

Reputation matters

Trusted by Salesforce users across top companies through 16+ years of business

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Salesforce scheduling can be a game-changer, and we're here to help you master it

We’ve listened to thousands of our SUMO users and their top challenges. How many do you resonate with?

Frustrated with with keeping all the information about scheduled meetings and customer interactions (calls, emails, etc.) in one place...

Check out SUMO for Salesforce!

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Struggling to decipher no-show trends and patterns?

Visualize your success. Transform your data into interactive charts and dashboards.

Engaging in back-and-forth between team and users that can't improve their collaboration?

All your data, all in one place. With SUMO for Salesforce, you can view and update data from multiple objects in a single screen. No more endless clicking, just the data that you want to see, how you want to see it.

Want to increase communication and foster coordination?

Make your schedule more accessible to staff and prospects, allowing them to book time when they need it most.

Lost in the maze of multi-object report intricacies?

Say hello to effortless reporting - without any limitations. With Analytics Builder, you can create sophisticated reports across multiple objects, all in a few clicks.

Want to share your meeting availability?

Simply email, text, or add your SUMO availability to your website – and watch prospects and recruits book high-value meetings with you.

Need automated invites, reminders, and CRM actions?

Build custom workflows and watch every event, lead, and opportunity in your Salesforce automatically.

Powerful Scheduling Capabilities

360° Salesforce Solution

SUMO is native to all Salesforce Cloud & marketing solutions. Add scheduling directly to any object, create custom automations & eliminate costly customizations.

Schedule as a team

SUMO adapts to both you and your team’s scheduling preferences. Co-host a client call with a colleague, email reminders and follow-ups, and integrate everything with your preferred software tools.

Data Security

Company data remains protected under the umbrella of your Salesforce org while appointment data is fully protected at the source data center level by Salesforce & Amazon.

Powerful analytics and reporting

SUMO empowers users, teams and leaders to make data driven decisions that drive results. 50 customizable reports and dashboards put data at your fingertips.

SUMO Scheduler for Salesforce, native on Salesforce

Easy to implement

Get up & running fast with help from SUMO’s in house implementation & support team!

All-in-one scheduling platform

Seamlessly integrates into the existing customer journey touchpoints & lets people make appointment bookings on any device at any time with the right person

Add automated appointment scheduling to any website, email, text, chat, social media or Salesforce Community. Optimize your sales funnel & close deals faster.

Online Scheduler

Attract customers with “Schedule Meeting” links on your website, email signatures, and more.

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Instant Booker

Book meetings in real time directly in Salesforce. Find a resource, available time slot, and book it.

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Invite Manager

Email outbound meeting Invitations to clients and prospects.

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Analytics Builder

Make better data-driven business decisions with Salesforce native reports and dashboards.

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Assignment Engine

Ensure prospects meet with the right staff member, at the right location and time.

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Reminder Engine

Reduce no-shows by >27%. Automated emails, text messages, and phone reminders ensure everyone shows up on time or can reschedule at their convenience.

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Calendar API

Integrate scheduling with existing technologies. - At the core of SUMO is a Calendar API that maintains a secure persistent connection to standard calendar platforms.

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Offer experiential marketing events to win new business & retain customers. Events can be created in seconds with easy sign-up through marketing campaigns, personal invites, or on your company’s website.

Event Builder

Quickly create & manage one to many events and classes.

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Multi Calendar

The SUMO MultiCalendar provides a centralized view of appointments and events from various sources, streamlining scheduling for your entire team

Optimize your sales team’s time in the field by adding appointment booking automation with travel time. Ensure that their calendars are full & they arrive to sales calls, on time… every time.

Travel-time Automation

Offer real time availability that accounts for your travel time. Pack your schedule with customer facing meetings while ensuring that you arrive on time.

In-route check-in

Call your client from the appointment invite to let them know you are running late, or send an automated message.

Schedule Filler

Canceled appointments killing your schedule? We’ve got a solution. Add in-person meetings to your schedule in real-time while accounting for travel between appointments.

Security & Compliance

Keep your scheduling data secure with enterprise-grade admin management, security integrations, data governance, compliance audits, and privacy protections.


SUMO supports GDPR compliance

ISO Certified

Compliance with ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018

TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal

Responsible data collection and processing practices consistent with regulatory expectations


U.S. Privacy requirements for personal health information held by covered entities

Connect with the tools you rely on every day

SUMO for Salesforce integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

Happy Clients

Hear it from our customers

Ashley Jones Associate Director - Salesforce, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Great app for productivity & scheduling

I've managed our relationship with SUMO from implementation to today and can say that it's been such a huge benefit to our organization. As a growing nonprofit that places a high priority on leveraging technology to allow our direct service providers ways to do their jobs, SUMO was a natural fit for us. The implementation process was seamless as their team was always available and very easy to work with. We're now able to more easily set up and manage user schedules. And our favorite feature has been the self-scheduler which has completely streamlined the scheduling process for follow up appointments with clients.

Jim Gilbert Salesforce Consulting Director, Huron Consulting

Sophisticated, easy-to-use appointment tool

I've worked with SUMO on several engagements-they've always been very collaborative and customer-focused. Their appointment scheduler is robust and technically scalable, and the have strong online support. Happy to report positive experiences with them.

Rebeca Lamadrid VP, Operational Effectiveness, The Washington Center

SUMO rescued us from manual processes!

SUMO helped us automate our advising session scheduling process with approximately 1200 students a year. Before SUMO we had to do this manually, a process that was time-consuming and subject to error. The seamless interaction between SUMO and Salesforce enables us to quickly send appointment invites, and easily know when a student has scheduled an appointment. The outward-facing interface is also very user-friendly which makes it easy for our students to schedule their appointments.
We have worked with Sumo for outward-facing processes for 5 years now and would highly recommend Sumo to anyone looking for a great appointment scheduling solution that is natively built in Salesforce.

Greg Thatcher IT Manager, Five Star Professional

SUMO Rocks!

We use SUMO to schedule appointments with clients for certifications and client success appointments. The self-scheduling tool works every time and we have implemented wild card appointments to maximize our availability. We highly recommend SUMO due to the superior customer service and support! The level of support we receive goes above and beyond. Thank you SUMO for your support!

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