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Fast Growing Laser Center

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SUMO has an exciting new customer in the Laser Treatment space. This organization was founded in 2012 by two board-certified medical doctors and already serves clients at 28 locations across 11 states from the Great Plains to the Midwest.

All the company’s procedures are performed by physicians or highly trained female registered nurses. Performing over 50,000 laser pulses every day, the company processes a significant volume of appointments for their services.

They are were using a competing solution to manage their appointment scheduling however as the company grew, the tool soon proved to be inadequate for their needs. They were ready for a new appointment scheduling tool after experiencing several system shutdowns that lasted anywhere from hours to days. These shutdowns left staff with no access to customer data and their clients unable to book an appointment.


As the company was in the process of implementing Salesforce as their CRM, they asked their Salesforce consultant for an online scheduling recommendation. The consultant recommended SUMO Scheduler as it is a Salesforce native application built for managing large appointment volumes. On top of these features, they also appreciated SUMO’s ability to provide customization and its 99.9% uptime.

With appointments being received from webforms, emails and phone calls, they needed the application that would allow both their call center agents and clinic admins to quickly schedule an appointment once a request came into Salesforce from these contact channels.


Since the implementation of SUMO Scheduler, the center has experienced a 50% reduction in appointment scheduling times. Their agents no longer need to look for appointment availability by location. The platform is providing a transparent across-the-board view of appointment openings and staff presence for every location.

They also are recognizing great benefits from SUMO’s reporting and analytics dashboard. This is another feature that the competing application did not provide. SUMO’s Analytics Builder is delivering customized reports that are helping the company drive business decisions as they continue to grow and expand their footprint.

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Healthcare & Wellness

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15+ employees

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Customer Success Teams


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