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Entrepreneurial Institute

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A Leading Entrepreneurial Institute helps budding entrepreneurs in their community in vetting their business ideas by allowing them access to their network and helping them find funding. The staff was managing appointment scheduling with highly manual methods: emails and phone calls. Fulfilling appointment requests was further complicated by the need to cross-reference and document multiple appointments across multiple schedules. The organization was effectively using Salesforce® to manage their database of investors, partners, mentors and mentorees. However, they realized they needed a more robust scheduling method to better serve their community.


They chose SUMO Scheduler, since the application was built native on the Salesforce platform. SUMO had both the features that the institute needed and a faster implementation timeframe. The self-scheduling feature enabled them to offer their community the ability to self-schedule their appointments directly from the website, at any time of day and from any device. The proprietary assignment engine now automatically routes appointment requests to a representative or mentor based on their calendar availability.


After implementing SUMO Scheduler, the institute no longer experienced any issues with overlapping schedules, double bookings or missed meetings. They also experienced a reduction in scheduling administration activities. The staff at the Entrepreneurial Institute has been able to claim back a significant amount of their daily work day, allowing that tie to be directed to other important tasks.

Use case:

Entrepreneurial Institute



Team Size:

100+ employees

Product Teams:

Education Staff


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