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Focus on Consumer Cybersafety and Innovation

Cybersafety has been an evolving concern for many industries as phishing, ransomware, and artificial intelligence continue to place individuals and organizations at risk. Creating technology that stays ahead of the threats is not an easy task, especially if it can’t get delivered to the end-user efficiently and on time.

Our customer, a cybersecurity leader in consumer protection, focused on empowering people to safely navigate the cyberspace. Its powerful product suite offers device security, identity protection, and online privacy applications that ensure confidence in digital interactions. When it comes to identity theft, rapid response is what matters the most. They pride themselves on providing real-time exposure mitigation solutions to its customers, so they can rest assured their data remains safe and secure.

Achieving real-time customer response is hard without a well-planned communication strategy. They have long struggled with a lengthy, multitouch response process in the absence of an automated omni-channel system that would allow scheduling service interactions in a timely manner. Additionally, scheduling based on staff availability was complicated by user-prone manual data entry and back-and-forth email communication. The inability to manage existing cases effectively due to missed and delayed appointments prompted the management team to identify the need for a tool capable of turning all aspects of the scheduling process into a streamlined customer experience.


A Streamlined Road To Success

The company was keen to take advantage of all that SUMO’s integrated scheduling platform had to offer, and the SUMO development team helped to get the project off to a flying start. First, the company identified the need to sync SUMO calendar with the existing Salesforce calendar. As a result, the SUMO platform allowed full visibility into staff availability, even among team members who weren’t using SUMO’s native calendar. This led to error-free and real-time scheduling for customers who needed an immediate interaction with the support agent. The all-in-one calendar view clearly laid out all customer interactions and made personalized experience across devices and time zones a reality.

The new SUMO Platform has also proven to be invaluable for the existing cases. It not only reduced scheduling mistakes associated with follow-up appointments but also shortened the support cycle by offering first available time slots based on staff availability. Additionally, customers were able to self-schedule 24/7 365 from any device and location. At the end of the project, their support team found that SUMO lived up to its reputation for the ease of integration and intuitive interface.


Moving Upwards with SUMO

Their company has fully adopted SUMO’s omni-channel appointment scheduler and experienced first-hand the difference it made. The support team is now able to define and update its availability for quick real-time responses without having to manually schedule calls and send multiple email reminders. What previously derailed team members from effectively performing their duties got eliminated allowing them to focus on providing excellent customer service.

One particularly useful feature of the SUMO application is its Analytics Builder. They found this smart reporting tool extremely helpful in providing visibility into appointment volume trends and staff utilization. The analytics team is now able to create custom dashboards and leverage predefined reports to provide a valid ground for making intelligent data-driven decisions.

Going forward, the company plans to continue using SUMO for its real-time scheduling and staff availability planning. They believe that this partnership will greatly improve existing processes and enhance its ability to better communicate with each customer.

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