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A Canadian-based Real Estate Firm

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Navigating through Unpredictable Times

A few years ago, only a select group of people in the real estate industry had access to online scheduling. Today it’s become so much more accessible thanks to advanced platforms that connect brokers and agents with buyers on their terms – no matter where they are!

Our client is a Canada-based real estate firm that specializes in the sales and marketing of newly built residential and commercial properties. With 25 years of success and over 12,000 global partners, they have built a solid reputation with clients in all markets and time zones.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first erupted, many organizations were left to struggle with uncertainty. In the real estate industry where personal communication has always been seen as an important component to building successful client relationships, face-to-face meetings became problematic and the majority of communication shifted online.

For the customer, conducting remote meetings with buyers, vendors, and investors presented a set of unique challenges. First, the outdated scheduling software was unable to handle the volume of online events. As a result, the company saw an influx of errors and missed appointments. Customers were constantly having to reschedule, which increased the number of online appointments and cluttered calendar space. Lastly, due to lack of automation, many critical tasks were left unfinished resulting in frustration with team members and clients.

Lack of automation and inability to match clients with the right resource at the right time left the team with less time to focus on their clients and further complicated their relationship with buyers, vendors, and investors. The need for automated scheduling software became apparent.


Introducing SUMO

SUMO’s Online Appointment Scheduler was a great solution. Their leadership quickly realized the benefits it would offer: improved online reservation capabilities, reduced errors and missed appointments, and finally, automation of critical tasks. In just a few short weeks, the SUMO team helped solve the majority of challenges Baker’s team was facing.

First, SUMO implemented its core platform for managing appointments and staff availability, so customers can book with the right team member at the desired time. The easy-to-navigate interface also shows key behavior patterns that allow the leadership team to predict future possible responses from customers for a more streamlined approach to client communication.

Second, customers were impressed by the new ability to self-schedule from any device, at any time even outside normal business hours. They also noted that automated email notifications, convenient invitation links, and timely reminders made appointment scheduling an easy and pleasant personalized experience.


The Results Speak for Themselves

Their clients are now able to easily login into their customer accounts, self-schedule an appointment with the right team member, and even reschedule if needed. The new process has proven to be so efficient, it helped generate more profit from real estate transactions by closing deals faster than ever before.

With SUMO Scheduler, the real estate firm was able to minimize manual processes by automating every step of the scheduling process. SUMO’s Assignment Engine swiftly matched customers with the right expert while completely eliminating double-booking, human error, and awkward mismatching. The best part is that there are no extra fees for each online appointment, which means every deal counts.

SUMO Scheduler seamlessly integrates with their website, existing online marketing portals, email newsletters, and online directories to ensure personalization and brand consistency. Finally, the intuitive interface provides the leadership team with a 360-degree view of all customer interactions and staff availability. With SUMO’s robust and scalable technology, the company is happy to report a positive experience and improved customer satisfaction.

Use case:

Real Estate


Professional Services

Team Size:

50+ employees


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