How To Keep Your Prospects Hot Through Automated Appointment Scheduling & Engagement

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Author - Olga Kamylevich

Olga Kamylevich
Published: August 22, 2022

How To Keep Your Prospects Hot Through Automated Appointment Scheduling & Engagement

As your sales team works closely with marketing to establish a steady stream of prospects, you may ask yourself if the leads it generates are qualified and how long it takes to convert them into customers. It’s a well-known fact that not every lead is a good quality lead. In the end, your success largely depends on the responsiveness of your account managers and their ability to quickly schedule appointments with potential customers.

Overcoming Sales Hurdles

According to Glenister Research, only 25% of marketing-generated leads are typically hot enough to become sales qualified. Additionally, there’s a 10X drop in lead qualification when you wait longer than 5-10 minutes to respond. That’s why instead of spending time and energy working with prospects who aren’t ready to buy, you need to have an efficient system that prioritizes highly-qualified leads and offers clear and error-free lines of communication.

SUMO’s Appointment and Event Scheduling tools are designed to bridge the gap between your sales teams and future customers, generate more qualified prospects, and reduce lead response time. Our Salesforce-native platform eliminates manual effort allowing your staff to schedule calls fast enough to keep prospects interested and efficiently move them through the sales funnel.

Automated Self-Scheduling for Lead Management

In today’s age of digital transformation, many businesses are still relying on manual lead capture processes, antiquated spreadsheets, and multiple calendars to manage their sales funnels.

SUMO modernizes your sales process by automating lead, contact, and record creation directly in your Salesforce CRM as prospects book appointments directly on your sales reps’ calendars. This drastically reduces the amount of time that sales reps spend on administration tasks, eliminates scheduling conflicts, and frees them up to do what they do best, meet with customers.

SUMO Scheduler goes far beyond its simple and easy-to-use interface. Our self-scheduling feature helps your prospects automatically set up appointments without having to wait for a rep to call them. They can easily schedule appointments, reschedule calls, select staff availability, and upload attachments on their own time and from any device.

Every action taken by your prospects inside our intuitive web-based platform is automatically linked to their Salesforce record allowing your sales team to accurately estimate their lead status and prioritize meetings based on a prospect’s level of interest.

Our customers report that eliminating the manual aspect of lead management with SUMO has saved their teams 35% of their time which they can now spend on what matters the most – selling and engaging with prospects!

“The amount of appointments that we are able to make has increased by over 70%. My agents no longer have to play the game of back and forth to try to find a time that works for both parties. This app has been a game-changer for our organization. My agents are now able to concentrate on other clients and communications knowing that they can send the scheduling message and the client is able to self-serve.”

Kerry Hoisington
Director of Customer Experience, Careerstep

Helping Marketing Generate More Leads

SUMO not only simplifies lead nurturing by removing lengthy manual tasks from the scheduling process but also centralizes lead generation by extending its integration across all marketing channels helping your advertising campaigns achieve better results.

For example, your marketing team just launched a social media campaign to showcase your latest product with a call to action to schedule a demo. SUMO offers a custom scheduling link that matches the prospect with an appropriate staff member immediately upon submitting the contact form. As soon as the request for a demo has been received, your sales rep gets notified to reach out to the prospect.

If your company uses paid advertising to attract potential clients, SUMO can help here too. Our online scheduler can be easily embedded into paid ads banner, encouraging prospects to schedule a meeting at their key point of interest. You can also redirect your prospects from an ad to a custom landing page so they can learn more about your brand and convert faster. The possibilities are limitless.

Bottom Line

SUMO offers a white-glove automation service that elegantly hands prospects to your sales team from any inbound channel. The only obstacle that stands in the way is an outdated manual process that must be eliminated if companies are serious about improving their lead generation and nurturing. Now is the time to make the change and raise the standards.

At the end of the day, providing excellent service is what matters the most, and it all starts with the very first interaction a potential customer makes with your brand. SUMO is here to help build a trustworthy relationship with your prospects from day one. Ready to make the shift and bring your scheduling process to the next level of success? Click here to learn more or book a free consult with an expert!


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