Help Your Sales Team Schedule Leads & Prospects Lightning Fast

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Author - Olga Kamylevich

Olga Kamylevich
Published: June 20, 2018

Help Your Sales Team Schedule Leads & Prospects Lightning Fast

SUMO’s one-on-one scheduling feature, Appointment Wizard, is a fast and easy way for sales teams to book appointments with prospects or customers. Let your sales reps book an appointment, recording the What, Who and When, and send a confirmation without even leaving Salesforce.

The Appointment Wizard can be accessed from within a Salesforce lead record.

SUMO Home Appointment Wizard

Set Up a Menu of Service Types

Customize both the service type and times for the types of appointments your sales reps need to offer. You can define the menu of services as well as the time limits for each service type.  

SUMO Service Menu Appt Wizard

Book From a Pool of Resources

Have an SDR, admin or other employee that schedules appointments for your sales team? The Appointment Wizard will show the appointment setter a list of available reps based on the service required.

SUMO Pool of Resources Appt Wizard

View a Sales Rep’s Availability in Real-Time

Once a service and a representative is selected, the Appointment Wizard will show all available days and times for the chosen rep. This information is all in real-time as the rep’s calendar is synced with the Appointment Wizard to provide the most up-to-date availability.

SUMO Availability Appt Wizard

Set Up Appointment Reminders

SUMO allows for up to three different reminder channels, phone, text, and email, that can be set to remind your prospect or customer anywhere from 1 to 3 days prior to their appointment. SUMO has found these type of appointment reminders reduces the probability of no-shows by up to 35%.

Built to Extend the Power of Salesforce

As SUMO is built native on the Salesforce platform, no additional manual admin work by your sales rep to record the booked appointment is required. All details for the appointment are automatically logged within the lead record once the appointment process is completed.

SUMO Confirmation Screen Appt Wizard

White Label Templates

The confirmation email template your prospect or customer receives can be personalized with a customized confirmation message and your company’s brand identity from your logo to brand color scheme.

SUMO Branded Email-Appt Wizard

Delivering a Positive Experience

Although the appointment is now set, there is still the possibility that the prospect or customer will want to reschedule their appointment. A self-scheduling link embedded in their email confirmation will let prospects and customers reschedule their appointment anytime from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The self-scheduling link also reduces the risk of a no-show and the pain of playing phone or email tag with your sales reps.

SUMO Re-scheduling link Appt Wizard

This self-scheduling link will take the prospect or customer through each step in the scheduling process and the appointment will be immediately be updated for both the prospect/customer and their sales rep.

SUMO Self-scheduling screen Appt Wizard
SUMO New Time Appt Wizard

Once the new time is chosen, the prospect or customer can even update their appointment reminders.

SUMO Reschedule Reminders Appt Wizard
SUMO Reschedule Confirmation Appt Wizard

An End-to-End Sales Solution

SUMO’s Appointment Wizard is a customizable feature that is the same whether your organization is using Salesforce Classic or has converted to the Lightning Experience. It reduces the time your sales team spends trying to book one-on-one appointments with prospective and current customers. It also helps manage the appointment even after the booking is complete with our Reminder Engine and self-scheduling capability available 24/7 365 across devices.

Adding online scheduling to your sales team’s technical toolbox helps combat the back-and-forth of communication tag and lowers no-shows while creating a positive experience for a potential future customer. 

New to SUMO? Visit our Salesforce AppExchange listing for more information and a full video demo of this SUMO feature.


The article discusses how sales teams can use SUMO Scheduler to streamline appointment scheduling and enhance productivity.

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