Global Pharmaceutical Company Uses SUMO Scheduler To Support Healthcare Providers More Efficiently

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Author - Olga Kamylevich

Olga Kamylevich
Published: February 27, 2019

Global Pharmaceutical Company Uses SUMO Scheduler To Support Healthcare Providers More Efficiently

SUMO Has Been Used to Set up Over 1,000 “New Customer” Orientation Meetings With Care Provider Clients Since its Implementation in October 2018.

ATLANTA, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Large pharmaceutical companies dedicate hundreds of hours each month to setting up new customers—typically care providers such as clinics and doctor’s practices—and orienting them to the products they may be prescribing or recommending. SUMO Scheduler, the #1 online appointment-scheduling solution built native on the Salesforce CRM platform, announced today that it is working with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline the new customer onboarding process.

Previously, orientation meetings were scheduled by customer service agents at the manufacturer’s call center in Austin, Texas. But this manual process was inefficient for both the onboarding team and care providers. The company chose SUMO for automated appointment scheduling due to its fluid design, ease of implementation and lack of heavy customization requirements.

“SUMO has already been used by our customer to set up over 1,000 care provider orientation meetings since its implementation in October 2018,” said Jason North, CEO and founder of SUMO Scheduler. “Compared to having to go through a call center to discuss and agree on a meeting time, the onboarding process is now much faster and efficient for both pharmaceutical staff and new customers.”

Once care providers have been vetted and approved by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, they receive a welcome email with an embedded scheduling link provided by SUMO Scheduler. As a result, care providers are able to quickly and easily schedule their welcome and onboarding call. This gained efficiency also enables customer service agents to spend up to 35 percent more time on other tasks, including serving more care providers.

“SUMO lets our client automate the central customer engagement aspect of its business, making it easier for them to put their experts in direct contact with care providers,” North said. “In the healthcare industry, orientation meetings are of critical importance for strengthening relationships and giving medical professionals access to knowledge they need in their day-to-day practices.”

SUMO runs in the cloud as a mobile-friendly, software-as-a-service solution and offers a range of features to help businesses across many industries simplify and streamline appointment-setting.

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