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SUMO is your complete customer engagement platform. Offer meeting, event, and field sales scheduling across all your online channels: websites, social media, email, text, and more!

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Simplifying your scheduling tasks like never before

No matter the channel preference, SUMO Scheduler delivers tailored solutions to convert leads into meetings promptly

No matter the channel preference, SUMO Scheduler delivers tailored solutions to convert leads into meetings promptly

Fill your calendar & improve customer experience

Encourage clients to schedule meetings with you at their convenience, freeing up time and fueling growth.

Personalize your scheduling journey

Define your ideal appointment scheduling flow, customize your branding, add data fields, and offer two-way document sharing. Send personalized reminders that reduce no-shows and ensure communication.

Simplify your tech stack

Integrate scheduling with your existing technologies and scale scheduling across your organization.

Optimize team scheduling

Offer group availability, customize meeting assignments, and co-host calls seamlessly with colleagues.

Ensure data security and privacy

Keep your information and data safe with industry-leading data encryption, access controls, and compliance with SOC 2 and ISO frameworks.

Easy to set up, configure & use

SUMO's easy-to-use cloud-based platform gets you up and running quickly. Admins can customize settings for your business needs, while users enjoy a seamless scheduling experience.

Two Powerful Platforms

to meet all of your customer engagement needs


Say goodbye to that outdated scheduling link! Empower your team to schedule meetings with ease while integrating with your existing workflow.

When you need a stand-alone scheduling tool with powerful integrations, SUMO1 is your top choice. Use it independently or pair it with SUMO for Salesforce as your enterprise-wide solution.

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SUMO for Salesforce

The leading all-in-one meeting, event, and field sales scheduling platform built native to Salesforce. Effortlessly manage customer engagement and boost team collaboration – all without leaving your CRM.

When security, data integrity, and multi-department collaboration are top needs, SUMO for Salesforce has you covered.

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Accelerate сustomer engagement and grow your revenue

Intelligent scheduling tools designed for teams coordinating meetings on a large scale

Boost prospect engagement

Self-scheduling options (virtual, in-person, phone) let customers and prospects choose how they connect. Increase engagement with a personalized scheduling experience.

Close deals faster

Book follow-up calls in real-time and speed up sales velocity. CRM integration reduces admin tasks while capturing important sales data.

Optimized assignments & teamwork

Reduce busy work and ensure the right fit with automated lead and meeting assignments based on your criteria. Resource pools empower users to quickly invite colleagues with the perfect combination of skills and availability.

SUMO for Sales Team

Enhance lead response efficiency

Gain a competitive edge for your sales team by automating lead qualification, routing, and appointment scheduling.

Faster lead conversion

Upgrade lead capture and accelerate conversion rates! Replace outdated web forms and contact email addresses with instant website scheduling.

Campaign automation

Add sales appointments as a personalized call to action for automated email, text, and social media campaigns. Integrate SUMO with your marketing software platform to maximize lead automation.

Experiential marketing

Offer marketing events as part of your customer engagement journey - win new sales and retain customers!

SUMO for Marketing

Enhance customer retention

Bring your experts together to engage with customers at every stage of their journey, fostering brand loyalty.

Accelerate response times

Efficiently schedule appointments to address customer needs promptly and enable self-service to support their objectives.

Elevate customer satisfaction

Keep client engagement high by offering self-service scheduling as a direct line to your CS and support teams.

SUMO Scheduler for Support Teams & Call Centers

Secure scheduling, simplified

SUMO offers enterprise-grade security, empowering your IT team to confidently automate scheduling across your company.

Simplify logins, strengthen security

Deploy SUMO Scheduler with SSO for a seamless and secure user experience.

Simplify user management

Control user access and permissions for a smooth scheduling experience. Easily delegate tasks with admin roles, allowing specific team members to manage users, processes, and settings.

SUMO Scheduler for IT Professionals

Connect with the tools you rely on every day

SUMO for Salesforce integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

Happy Clients

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Ashley Jones Associate Director - Salesforce, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Great app for productivity & scheduling

I've managed our relationship with SUMO from implementation to today and can say that it's been such a huge benefit to our organization. As a growing nonprofit that places a high priority on leveraging technology to allow our direct service providers ways to do their jobs, SUMO was a natural fit for us. The implementation process was seamless as their team was always available and very easy to work with. We're now able to more easily set up and manage user schedules. And our favorite feature has been the self-scheduler which has completely streamlined the scheduling process for follow up appointments with clients.

Jim Gilbert Salesforce Consulting Director, Huron Consulting

Sophisticated, easy-to-use appointment tool

I've worked with SUMO on several engagements-they've always been very collaborative and customer-focused. Their appointment scheduler is robust and technically scalable, and the have strong online support. Happy to report positive experiences with them.

Rebeca Lamadrid VP, Operational Effectiveness, The Washington Center

SUMO rescued us from manual processes!

SUMO helped us automate our advising session scheduling process with approximately 1200 students a year. Before SUMO we had to do this manually, a process that was time-consuming and subject to error. The seamless interaction between SUMO and Salesforce enables us to quickly send appointment invites, and easily know when a student has scheduled an appointment. The outward-facing interface is also very user-friendly which makes it easy for our students to schedule their appointments.
We have worked with Sumo for outward-facing processes for 5 years now and would highly recommend Sumo to anyone looking for a great appointment scheduling solution that is natively built in Salesforce.

Greg Thatcher IT Manager, Five Star Professional

SUMO Rocks!

We use SUMO to schedule appointments with clients for certifications and client success appointments. The self-scheduling tool works every time and we have implemented wild card appointments to maximize our availability. We highly recommend SUMO due to the superior customer service and support! The level of support we receive goes above and beyond. Thank you SUMO for your support!

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