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The largest specialty jeweler in the US, UK, and Canada, wanted to find a competitive edge to expand their client base and increase revenue at two of their key retail brands. The jeweler’s goal was to increase revenue to carry the businesses through the daily sales cycles and boost sales for the upcoming holiday season. Their sales consultants use iPads on the sales floor to access to stock availability by location, product information, and client profiles. Beyond the iPads however, client service was still fairly traditional and highly manual. Clients receive a complimentary warranty with many purchases. The warranty’s validity is maintained by bringing the jewelry in for regular cleaning and inspection. The consultant’s only means of scheduling clients for this service was via phone. Appointment setting, appointment rescheduling and special occasion reminders were also solely by phone.


The Director of Multi-Channel chose SUMO to integrate with their custom Salesforce clienteling application because it was a Salesforce-compatible scheduling tool. SUMO implemented reminders and self-scheduling to decrease noshows and time spent calling clients. The 3-way reminder engine sent client reminders via email while self-scheduling buttons embedded on their websites lets clients schedule at their convenience. SUMO also implemented loadbalancing so appointments would be distributed evenly and fairly.


Clients can now make an appointment from the websites, 24/7, from any device. Consultants are now focused on selling, and improving client service while developing their client base. An equally valuable feature for the retail jeweler is SUMO’s customizable analytics tool. Management teams now have a more effective way to analyze their businesses with insightful data like appointment volumes and quota fulfillment by branch. SUMO is being used by over 20,000 sales consultants in over 2,000 locations.



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