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Chain of Wellness Centers

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A popular chain of specialized wellness clinics throughout the Washington D.C. area has deployed SUMO Scheduler. The company managed and tracked appointments and staff schedules using a paper calendar. Client progress reports were updated with manual calculations. Personal data and other client-specific notes were being recorded on a single sheet of paper. The CEO wanted to expand and reclaim hours spent on scheduling appointments to improve the client experience.

Seeing the need to upgrade his system, he chose InfusionSoft and integrated it with Salesforce to automate the scheduling process. Soon after implementation, the CEO found InfusionSoft’s scheduling capabilities were limiting the chain’s progression to an online system. The lack of functionality was proving to be almost as much work as the paper system.

The CEO really wanted more than a scheduling solution. The CEO wanted SUMO to:

  • Measure weight loss metrics.
  • Graph these metrics on an intuitive interface.
  • Email or print to share with dieters, in one-click.
  • Track key file requirements, such as physician approval and more.


After a search on the Salesforce AppExchange, the team chose to move his scheduling operations to SUMO Scheduler. SUMO fit the clinic’s operational needs. SUMO increased functionality with the custom build of a weight loss progress report added to the already existing suite of reporting functions. This custom report helped the wellness centers to address the issue of recording and managing personal data for client progress reports.

IMPLEMENT: The chains implemented SUMO Scheduler to upgrade their internal business processes centered around patient and coach scheduling.

EXTEND: The SUMO Professional Services team extended the core SUMO feature set, by designing and building a number of custom solutions for the wellness centers to track patients progress with key metrics, generate routine progress reports, and more.


The CEO estimates he is getting a 75% reduction in scheduling-related activities since implementing SUMO. His team is now able to achieve his goal of making the client the focus. The wellness centers now manage appointments, automate client calculations, and is able to search their database quickly and without issues as the data is all within Salesforce. The CEO also reported seeing improvement in no-shows due to SUMO’s analytics. The data helps his team to evaluate strategies for client success.

The following testimonial explains the results from the CEO himself.


SUMO has made a tremendous positive impact on our weight loss practice.  The software saves us a ton of time each week in managing the calendar.  A few benefits we receive include:

  • Confirmations and reminder emails are automatically sent and include the date, time and location of the appointment.
  • Changes to appointments are easily made by dragging and dropping the appointment from one time, coach or location to another.
  • Our coaches love the centralized access to information and ease of updates. Adding additional fields has allowed us to capture and report on relevant data that was previously tracked manually.Our management team benefits from significantly improved reporting.
  • We are able to see the number of appointments by segment, cancelled appointments, coaching notes, and more.
  • The new insights into the business operations are valuable.
  • SUMO allows us to bring everything together in one place.
  • The back-end of Salesforce allows for tremendous flexibility and future expansion through other apps.
  • The SUMO development team has been responsive and has facilitated customizations that have further enhanced the system. They do a great job listening and offering useful solutions.

Based on hours saved and efficiencies from better reporting, I believe we will get a full return on our investment within the first 12 months.  Changing core technology can be a gamble. In this case, SUMO was a good bet for us and I’m glad we are on the SUMO platform.

CEO, Popular Chain of Wellness Centers

Use case:

Customer Service


Healthcare & Wellness

Team Size:

15+ employees

Product Teams:

Round robin, Workflows, Collective, Reminders, Integrations


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